My love for food has been evident from childhood. My first cooking experience, at the age of six, entailed making lunch which consisted of the Nigerian dish ‘Eba’ (Steamed Cassava Balls) and Okro Soup for my friend and I after school. This memory has stayed with me over time and began an interest in the culinary world. At first meeting, it is usually blatant that I am passionate about food, from cooking to baking and of course eating.  Despite having gone through about seven years of training to become a legal practitioner, my first love still waxes strong.

While at university and even in my spare time, I always experimented with various recipes and enjoyed hosting friends to try out whatever dish I made. I decided to follow my dream of attaining culinary excellence  by enrolling and successfully completing studies at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. I also believe food is an experience, and should be prepared with love, care and diligence.

To succeed in this chosen path, knowledge, tenacity, dedication, discipline, and focus are paramount, all of which are skills that come naturally to me. My immediate future plan is to acquire more experience in the field and eventually create a fusion between African and Western dishes in Nigeria, while simultaneously applying my legal and business development skills to develop and run an effective and successful international gastronomic brand.

Modupe Fagbohungbe

I believe food is an experience, and should be prepared with love, care and diligence.